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As I try and figure my shit out, I look for labels and existing literature that helps me explain my experiences.

Part of my label searching is to learn what gifts I have. And part of gift-label searching goes back to my trying to find a type of kinship among others who are walking this type of path.

Clairaudience is definitely one of those gifts. It means, more or less, that I receive messages by “hearing” them, either in my head or actually in my ears, but where others cannot hear it. Here’s what the Psychic Library says about it.

I am including this little blurb in my journal since I think it’s important for everyone, myself included, to understand how I receive messages. You may have figured this out already, since I’ve been writing about “heard in my head” type of messages — but for clarity’s sake — clairaudience. At this time in my life, it’s probably my most used and most developed gift.

Originally written on June 15, 2017.