2017 Heeia Kea Fishpond and Hale

Moʻo Wahine Meheanu – Talking with Dragons

Friday, June 30. I started the day with my third float at Dream Float Hawaii. It seems with each float, the experience changes and the messages that are delivered become more straightforward.

Traditionally, I’ve used meditation as a means to connect with beings and ask how I can serve or assist or help. Since my Light and Sound Alchemy Meditation experience, I’ve begun shifting the focus of my regular meditation to my own becoming — and unfortunately, this transition isn’t coming as easily as I hoped. I realize it may be best to use my time in the float tank to meditate with the intent to ask for guidance about my growth as a spiritual being since the float allows me to have a swifter, easier connection that I think will really help.

2017 Please Respect Heeia Fishpond Sign
The sign marking the entrance to the fishpond.

While the messages were varied, one of the messages that came across was to complete a task that was assigned to me last year. Visit the Moʻo Wahine, Meheanu, at Heʻeia Fishpond. Moʻo are the dragons of ancient Hawaii, often guardians of waterways and very frequently, females.

I intended to make an offering to her shortly after I received the message more than a year ago, but each time I scheduled myself to go with friends, it would begin to rain.

The messages I received from my float were not only a reminder to make good on my promise to visit Meheanu with a gift, but also, a clarification of under what context I would be visiting her. Remember, up until that Light and Sound Alchemy Meditation, I’d thought that I was a servant to the magical beings of old — but with the new realization that I, myself, am a magical being of old, I shift from being the priestess making an offering to the Dragon and instead, become the Daughter of Dragon visiting my Sister’s house.

In my head, this change in relationship with the Moʻo Wahine really allowed me to feel safe… and able… to visit her alone.

And alone I went to Heʻeia Fishpond, a place probably most famous outside of Hawaii for its role in Karate Kid 2 (the one where Daniel-san goes with Mr. Miyagi to Okinawa). I’d never been there before, but having grown up on that side of the island, Kekoa and Lahi have been many times in their childhood.

There’s a lot of middle-story to this, but ultimately, as I walked along the rock wall of the fish pond, seeking the right place to give a gift to Meheanu — I’d brought a small, delicate flower I’d found that morning before my float — the wind blew strongly, whipping my hair into some crazy, multi-armed creature. I began to cry as her energy connected with mine, and as schools of fish seemed to follow my path around the pond, leaping out of the water as if to assure me I was headed in the right direction.

2017 Hale at Heeia Fishpond
A hale, a traditionally built Hawaiian house at the end of the fishpond. Here is where I knew to sit down and have a chat with my sister.

Meheanu and I “chatted” as I continued looking for the “right place,” and she assured me that I would know where to give my gift to her — that she’d sent a messenger out to receive what I’d brought. I eventually ended up at a hale (a traditionally built Hawaiian house) and looked over the edge into the fishpond to find a massive, spotted puffer fish looking up at me in that snooty way that puffer fish look at people. He must have been at least the length of my forearm, from elbow to tip of my middle finger. HUGE. I wish I’d been able to capture a picture of him. And he looked at me as if to say, “Oh, it’s you, I’ve been waiting.” And I knew he had, indeed, been waiting for me to give my gift to the Moʻo Wahine.

I threw the flower over the edge into the salty water, the puffer fish looked at me a moment longer, and then swam away. He’d accepted the gift.

I then sat down and spoke aloud with Meheanu, as if she were a member of my family. And I promised her I would work hard to become the Being the universe needs me to become. I will do my best to bring balance back to this world. And then the wind stopped blowing. My hair regained its composure and fell back to my shoulders. And all I could hear was the ocean at my back, lapping against the rock wall. She had heard my message loud and clear, and our conversation was more or less finished. 

2017 Heeia Kea Fish Pond and HaleOn my way back to the car, Meheanu said she’d provide me with a parting gift, which turned out to be a visit from an aukuʻu, a black-crowned night heron indigenous to Hawaii. Aukuʻu are said to conspire with the spirit world, and there is this book that includes a prayer for healing facilitated by these diurnal hunters. The first time I’d heard of this bird with the piercing eyes was just six months ago when Kekoa had a dream about one, and here is this creature standing before me and flying low, across the fishpond. I wonder if the aukuʻu flew away to tell the spirit world about the conversation I’d just had with Meheanu, as that book implies.

2017 Lizards on a Wall
Some of the sentinel lizards keeping watch. This was not taken on the day I’m writing about, but several days later.

After a long day, as I walked the narrow path to my home, I was surprised to see five lizards (geckos, moʻo, dragons) standing like sentinels in perfect formation along the wall — each of them staring at me, as if recognizing me for finally completing my quest to visit their Goddess (but also, kind of in a scolding way, since it took me so darn long to do so).

I appreciate that the universe sends me messages like that to confirm that I am following the right path. Apparently, my path is lined with dragons of all sizes and I am a Daughter of Dragons.

Originally written on July 2, 2017.

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