2016 Full Moon over Pearl City, Hawaii


Full moons always put me into an interesting energetic space. I’m still figuring out how to describe it, but in recent months, I’ve felt the call to do some type of moon ceremony on the full moon.

In May of this year, the call was so strong that I make an offering to a moon god. For whatever reason, though, the being making the request would neither give its name nor the name of the entity for whom I was supposed to make the offering. I refused to do the ceremony because these powers were refusing to follow my four rules.

Lyndsey spoke on behalf of the spirits, complaining that they thought my rule about having to provide names was stupid because labels don’t matter. But I was insistent and so were they.

In the end, they finally provided me with the name: the seemingly lesser-known Egyptian moon god, Aah.

He guided me to look upon the full moon, and sing while making an offering of:

  • grain
  • honey
  • incense

Somehow, I knew what to do.

I went to my front yard and  sat awkwardly on the grass to begin the ceremony while my next door neighbors drank beer in their driveway and kept looking my way, like, “why is that crazy girl sitting creepily in the dark of night in the grass and not moving?!” I then took a round bowl, placed wheat bread in it, pouring honey in the form of a full moon onto the bread, lit the incense and placed it into the bread, and began singing to Aah. Singing just his name.

The entire ceremony, I sang to Aah and gazed at the moon, clear as day, but framed by intruding clouds — clouds pushing at the perimeters of the moon’s light, but never covering it… until the last ash fell off the incense. Then the clouds obscured the moon, passing across it, and when the moon finally showed again in full, the form of a smiling face appeared in the light and shadows of the ebbing clouds.

A thank you for the offering.

I’ve since made another offering to Aah on another full moon — but not to the same extent as the first time. I’m not sure if he’s hoping for every full moon, or if there is something specific he’s working up toward where the ceremony helps to empower him.

I hope this is helping, though. Aah.

With the next full moon — and partial lunar eclipse — just a week away, August 7, 2017, the timing for this post seems prime to set up others for their own lunar offerings.

If you are able, please share in the comments about your own magic workings for the full moon.

Originally written on June 15, 2017. Updated July 31, 2017.

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