2018 OHM Expo

OHM Expo: The Reading

A few weeks ago (February 25), I went to the  Oahu Holistic and Metaphysical (OHM) Expo — a convention that brings together mystics and intuitives and healers and a whole mix of people with overlapping interests. It’s the second time I’ve gone and it was nice to have Lyndsey, and my sister, Marisa, with me.

The first time I went, I had a Light Alchemy session and mostly went shopping — bought some gemstone jewelry and this really cool diya.

This time, I decided to see whether anyone was available to give me a reading and to again do a Light Alchemy session. There are a lot of messages to share from both the reading and the Light Alchemy sesh, so I’ve split this OHM Expo entry into two: one for the Reading and one for the Light Alchemy, which I’ll write later.

The Reading

I struggle with finding people who can read me; they say that one can only read at one’s own level or below. It doesn’t mean that you can’t read those whose abilities are beyond yours — just that the deep level of insight isn’t there.

After wandering about the Expo, my body began tingling in front of the booth for Lali Kakar, an Indian Vedic mystic. I knew I was supposed to see him when I sat down for my reading and there was a golden bookmark in Siva’s likeness sitting in front of me randomly. Hey, dad. What’s up? Anyway, here’re the back and front of Lali’s flyer.

2018 Lali Kakar Flyer2018 Lali Kakar Flyer - BackI decided to have him do a Vedic Palmistry, Vedic Numerology, and a 3rd Eye Psychic Medium reading. While the numerology and palmistry parts of my reading were interesting, speaking to my work, health, and love life, mostly, with minor references to my capacity for healing and channeling — both numerology and palmistry are skills that can be developed and studied that don’t necessarily require you to tap into own connection to Source to provide the reading — and that’s what I really wanted from him. For him to tap into Source and connect with his Spirit Guides. So at the “end” of the numerology and palmistry bit, he asked me if I had any questions. So I asked, “What can you tell me about my spiritual path?”

That’s when I felt him connect to Source. He closed his eyes and I felt a warmth spread throughout my body. I also allowed myself to be open to his reading, my palm — still upturned from the palmistry reading — tingling. And he started by saying, “You have a very strong blessing from a past life.” I confirmed verbally while looking at the Siva bookmark.

He then told me about two past lives:

  • One where I was a Tibetan (or some other kind of) monk, who at one point lived an ascetic life in a forest or cave.
  • One where I was a Priest or Priestess in Egypt. This one made a lot of sense to me considering my previous interactions with Ra, Aah, and others.

He was getting more excited as he read into my past life energy and asked for permission to do a full past life reading, exclaiming, “Oh, it would be so interesting to do a full past life reading on you!” Perhaps he was starting to get an inkling of my past as Mansa. Or maybe something else. Either way, I was looking for information about my present and future, so I passed.

I asked what I should be doing in this life. Should I be walking away from the daily grind to focus only on my spiritual path? He passionately (and loudly) said, “NO. You have already dedicated your life to a spiritual path at least twice before (referencing the two past lives he had seen). And you are still here. This means you need to do something different. This time you are here to find a balance between this life and that life.”

This really resonated with me. While I haven’t written about this, one of the things that I’ve been asking for guidance with is on how to find a balance between my humanity and my divinity. It felt nice to just have the path I’d already chosen for myself (or was guided to choose) reinforced via that message.

This time, I am here to find a balance between this life and that life. Balance between the spiritual and the worldly. The divine and the human.

I then asked what I am supposed to be doing with my spiritual gifts. Should I be doing readings at expos like OHM Expo? Am I supposed to focus on reiki? Channeling? Because I already feel like I am not like others in terms of serving humans like many others do and I am not really sure what the messages I’ve previously received about bringing magic back to the world mean in terms of real action.

He said that the energy I have will attract great teachers and gurus. People who will want to teach me their gifts. And I should learn from those who want to teach. And once I have learned, I should teach.

This both made sense and was a little mind-boggling. Like, what makes me think I have the experience or knowledge to have the right to teach others? (My Spirit Team just reacted strongly as I typed that, saying very loudly: YOU ARE A GODDESS.) I suppose that “teaching,” whatever that means, could have a direct correlation to “bringing magic back to the world” in terms of spreading the belief in magic. But are people who are not already attuned to that world really going to change their beliefs because of what I have to say or write?

A birthday reading that I got from Leah just a few days ago also contained messages about teaching as a part of my spiritual path.

So, yeah.

That was pretty much the end of Lali’s reading. I felt the energy disconnect, and we had some good conversation about other things mystical. But in all honesty, I was really excited to receive his messages. To receive the reaffirmation of choosing balance versus dedication to one path. To get a little bit of clarity into (at least one aspect) of what is supposed to be my life goal: bringing back balance to the world.

It definitely feels like that’s not all the Universe has in store for me. That’s just one eensy bit of it all. But hey, one step at a time.

I’ll share more soon about my other experience at the OHM Expo, another Light Alchemy session.

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