2016 Sun Above the Clouds, Whakapapa, New Zealand


Shortly after I finished my offering to the Archangel Gabriel, I was blown away by the power of Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun,  who came to me one day as I napped on my living room floor. I opened my eyes to an overwhelming power, the sun’s intense light completely filling the room, obscuring all else. And there he was, his silhouette growing larger as he moved closer until it was he who completely filled the room.

Like Gabriel, he needed something done for him. And like Gabriel, he thought I’d figure it out and perform things on a certain day. Shortly thereafter, I identified a day that I thought was correct — it would be during a trip Kekoa and I were taking to Chicago — but when the day arrived, nothing spoke to me. No places, no things to offer, nothing. And I looked hard. So feeling like a failure, I returned to Hawaii, wondering if I had missed my chance to truly honor him.

Eventually, messages from him returned, saying that it was only fitting that the offering be at Haleakalā, the house of the sun, on Maui. After all, the Hawaiian word lā, meaning sun, is literally the same as Ra. I mentioned to him that Na Wahine had also asked for an offering at the house of the sun, and he felt comfortable sharing in the place and time of the offering with her. After all, they are both great beings. But, after Na Wahine took my offering from Titus’s wrist, the urge to go to the house of the sun waned immediately, and instead, an urgency came about that I had to do a ceremony soon. Now. But I wasn’t “ready,” but get ready and hurry up and do it. I didn’t know what “ready” meant — but the universe provided.


2017 Solar System Necklace from ThinkGeek
Kekoa gave me the sun, the moon, the entire solar system.

For about a year, I had been looking at this necklace of our solar system from ThinkGeek. I’d seen it on the site, clicked on a bunch of ads for it, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it since I have weird issues with buying myself things. So one day, when I came home from work feeling inexplicably depressed, Kekoa surprised me with the very necklace I’d been looking at. He had apparently gotten it for our anniversary, which was coming up — and now had to find something else. Oops. Little did I know that this was the piece of the puzzle that I was waiting for so that I could complete my task for Ra.

The ceremony was simple.

  • Awaken before the sun did.
  • Put on the necklace, with the big orange sun stone shining.
  • Begin the ceremony at sunrise.
  • Offer grain, milk, incense. Ra was very insistent on a cereal, so Special K without any adornments (i.e. picked out the berries) was what he got.
  • Share in the meal with him.
  • And the last part, which was very touching– pour some of the milk at the 4 corners of my home (on the outside of the building, not in my house!).

With this offering he was also giving me a gift. I, and my family — all beings who live in this house — would be under his protection.

What a powerful gift.

At the time that I wrote this, the summer solstice was only a few days away and I suspected that this ceremony would lead into another request from him to honor the sun on that day.

As he continues to be a part of my existence right now, I’m hoping he gives me time to receive his messages properly and prepare for any of requests he may have, but I know that the necklace will come into play again, as a kind of my own adornment as a priestess for Ra.

Originally written on June 16, 2017.

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