As a part of the images I was shown during my meditation at the Kauai Hindu Monastery where Siva first started speaking to me, I was shown Jet Li as the Monkey King in the movie, The Forbidden Kingdom. I couldn’t figure out at first why Siva would show me this image other than I love Jet Li and his rendition of the Monkey King.

Jet Li as the Monkey King in The Forbidden Kingdom
Jet Li as the Monkey King in The Forbidden Kingdom. This is a screen cap from the movie that I found on the almighty Google.

After the Puja, we went to one of the courtyards of the Monastery to read about the Hindu belief system. And there was a picture of Hanuman, monkey-faced, man-bodied loyal servant of Rama. He who went to protect and bring back from her kidnapper Rama’s wife, Sita. Sita, my Sita, my spiritual guide who protected me from childhood into my 20s when she seemed to transition while protecting me from a spiritual attack.

Oh. This is why Siva showed me the image of Jet Li. To allow me to recognize the importance of Hanuman when I came outside to learn more. And to read about his connection to Sita…

Hanuman, how do you fit into this? Are you here to protect me the way you did Sita?

I went home and talked to Mommy who said, “Hanuman? Hmm. Let me think about this, I call you back.” A few days later, she called me back and told me a story about how a little over a year ago — we tracked it back to be around a similar time that Kekoa’s aunty told me to go to Kauai — that someone from her Thai Buddhist temple gave her a Hanuman amulet. At the time, she said she didn’t want it, but the person was insistent and said to “just hold onto him.”

She did hold onto him, but she never prayed directly to him or specifically gave him offering, though she was sure to include him in her general meditation and chant along with all the other entities who live with her.

And then the day that she called me back, she said she felt the need to pull out a specific prayer book, which she dropped accidentally and found that it had opened to a dedication prayer to Hanuman. She remembered then the Hanuman amulet she had been given, found him in her altar, and prayed to him for the first time. She said she got the message that he was supposed to come to take care of me, to protect me, to fight for me.

She said, “It is time.

Seriously, even now, as I write this, I get chicken skin from that simple statement. But it makes me wonder, time for what?

2017 Hanuman Amulet
Hanuman Amulet my mother unknowingly was holding for me.

The Hanuman amulet is now with me and has become a companion. I need to still learn more about him and grow my relationship with him. Perhaps he will care for me in the same way that Sita cared for me in my youth.

Thank you, Hanuman, for being my companion on this journey.

Originally written on June 15, 2017.

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