The Life of Death by Marsha Onderstijn

The Life of Death

With the Vernal Equinox upon us (hello, March 20th), I feel compelled to write again about balance, this time in the context of acceptance and compassion.

As someone who works with beings that many ignore, shun, and condemn, I often find myself wanting to give validation to their existence when speaking to those who would push them away. Whether the being is a bringer of death or destruction or fear or sadness, to declare that they are unworthy of attention or affection because they are “not of the light” shows simply that perhaps we are not of the light, either. We judge and chastise and refuse to accept that there is so much beauty in the dance between shadow and spark, in the less loved and oft discarded beings that keep this world balanced. We forget to look through the eyes of compassion and take the time to understand how important — and sometimes, lonely or misunderstood, the role is that these beings play in the Universe.

I came across this video called The Life of Death that so beautifully showcases what the existence of one of these beings might be like.

And so, as our earth does it’s dance of balance, let’s greet our partners in the dark and grey, or in the light and white, with open arms and hearts — curtsy — and be prepared to cut a rug. Because we all have a role to play. And it would behoove us to respect, accept, and be compassionate to others’ roles, as well as to our own.

C’mon, Universe. Let’s dance.

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