Sunrise on Oahu

Summer Solstice and Growth

Happy Summer Solstice, friends! Today’s the longest day of the year (in our hemisphere), and marks the start of the Summer season and is cause for celebrations around the globe. It’s a time where the universe sheds light on all things hidden, so it’s a great time for reflection and introspection and growth and change.

Not that change ever stops for anyone, we are constantly evolving in an environment that is in constant flux, but everyone around me is going through changes and growth spurts and it’s making people — including me! — feel uncomfortable.

I’m in a period of transition personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. And let me tell you, periods of transition can be scary when it feels like you’re walking on a path through a misty, unknown forest on the verge of getting lost or plummeting off a cliff to your doom or simply unable to keep going. Because how can you? You can’t see more than a step ahead (or half a step ahead). How can you be sure you’re even still on the path or headed in the right direction?

Well, you are headed in the right direction. So am I. And it’s okay to be scared of what’s to come, but take a moment to sense excitement within that fear. Like making that pause at the peak of a roller coaster and feeling that exhilarating sense of fear and anticipation right before the downward plunge. Take that pause to assess your situation, revel in it, and be prepared for the ride.

And today’s the perfect day to do just that. After all, it’s the Summer Solstice and the sun is out, shedding some light on what was just outside of our view.

P.S. Be sure to say what’s up to whatever shadows you encounter during your reflection today. They’re a little bit darker and a litter bit smaller and have a little less time to play, but they’re still a part of our being and should not be ignored. 🙂

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