2018 November - Common Kings Concert - Lights in the Audience

Mass Transitions – Part 2

I’ve wanted to write this entry for a while, but it seemed I kept being delayed. I suppose the timing of this entry makes sense, though, as the entire globe just experienced its own mass transition: the ending of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Happy new year!

In my last entry, I talked about the first time I experienced conducting some kind of mass transition while I lived in Japan. And originally, I had intended to write about my other experiences conducting mass transitions, but I feel like I learned a lot in the months since my last entry about this topic, and I’d like to change directions just a bit while still acknowledging my original intent.

Another Earthquake Transition

2018 - Overlooking Kobe, Japan
2018 – Overlooking Kobe, Japan

As I was saying, I recognized through my experience in Japan that my ability to help so many people transition at once was probably unusual and important. On another trip to Japan in October 2017 while in Kobe, I was suddenly called to learn about the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995 where just under 6,500 people lost their lives. Helping this group transition wasn’t nearly as traumatic or exciting as my ghost story from before. Instead, I was simply asked to do some mass energy work for transitions on the anniversary of the earthquake. I waited until January 17, 2018, Japan time and was able to do the transition from Hawaii. After the work I did, some butterflies coincidentally flew by me and I took that to mean I’d been successful.

I wondered to myself at the time whether I was intended to be some kind of shepherd specifically for those who died in mass, and specifically from natural disasters. I mean, this was my second earthquake experience, although the first was really tied to tsunami.

More Frequent Mass Transitions 

And it was only after some reflecting that I realized sometime in mid-2018 that I’d been doing mass transitions in a different way since I’d gotten my Sacred Tattoo in August 2017. At that time, a monk had taught me a special chant that helps spirits in an immediate area to transition and asked me to make a habit of doing the chant at the end of my prayers and other energy work. I’ve done it about once to twice a month since then, and always after I light a stick of incense for an individual who has passed.

Each time I offer this chant, it’s for any and all beings in the immediate vicinity who need the assistance transitioning. I guess that answered my question about whether or not my role was to help with mass traumatic deaths. The answer is no, since each time I do this, the beings who are helped are transitioning for all kinds of unrelated reasons. But it still made me wonder whether I’m meant to be a shepherd to those who have passed. My friend, Lyndsey, continues to call me a Goddess of Death, and while no one else does, it definitely makes me wonder since I do work with the dead rather often.

But Mass Transitions Are Not Just About Death

Let’s say that again because somehow, despite this being obvious, I only recently figured this out: mass transitions are not just about death.

2019 Definition of Transition

It’s right there in the definition. Mass transitions are about the process or period of changing a group of beings from one state or condition to another. It took my going to a concert this past November to realize this in a context that was not death. The artist on stage simply asked the audience to light up their phones and fill the stadium with stars. Suddenly, 30,000 individuals took out their phones and did just that.

Surrounded by stars being held in the hands of the people, I looked around in awe and saw that this was another way to transition people in mass. Change their attitudes. Their energy. Their actions. Their environment.

It also told me that this is the power of a god. Not that I think the performer that night was one (although, who knows?!), but more that with a word, this person had the power to affect 30,000 people and have them do their will.

Somehow, the realization that transition is about so much more than death was a big fucking surprise to me! And as a goddess in my own right, or so I’ve been told, it made me wonder whether I have the ability to affect so many in this way. And if so, how and in what context?

At first, when I thought part of my role was focused on helping victims of mass trauma transition, I thought that I’d put out to the world that this is something I am willing to do. I’m willing to travel to places that have experienced this type of casualty, and with the guidance and blessings of that community, help their loved ones and lost ones transition. And I’ll still put that out there. If there is a community who needs this kind of help, I am open to doing this under the right circumstances. I don’t have the finances to fly around the world to do this (although I’d love to!), but I’m sure we could work something out. You can always message me if you need this type of assistance.

But now that I know that mass transitions can be so much more, and as I join you all in our collective transition into a new year full of new energy and promise, I wonder what I’ll be learning and what kind of energy work I’ll be doing this year in terms of mass transition.

One day, will I learn how to help transition people in mass in a different way –  change their attitudes, their energy, their actions, their environment – with a word? One day, will I be able to create 30,000 stars with a simple request?

Sounds like 2019 has a lot in store for me.

Happiest new year, friends. May it be filled with love, laughter, health and magic.

2018 November - Common Kings Concert - Lights in the Audience
2018 November – Common Kings Concert – Lights in the Audience

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