2018 Golden Watches in Doris Duke’s bedroom at Shangri-La

Making Time & Space

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to, as I’ve been rather quiet in the last month or two, despite the summer solstice having come and gone and a lunar eclipse on the horizon (another Blood Moon!). It’s not because I haven’t been active in my spiritual path, but because the focus of my activity has recently turned from outward — in service and support of others — to inward — to help me make space for and nurture my own growth and healing.

This isn’t to say I haven’t been doing things in service and support of others. I still continue to do Reiki sessions and other energy work for those who need it and light incense for beings who have passed and need help transitioning. I still receive the occasional request from various Intelligences for offerings and the like. But I also realized that while doing these things helped me grow and expand, I wasn’t being mindful in my own growth and I was not giving myself permission to slow down and focus on the changes happening within me. It was wearing me down to constantly be on the spiritual go-go-GO, and I had placed a pressure on myself to continue go-ing and growing because of the perceived importance of (and deadline for?) the work I need to get done.

And I started to receive messages that were basically, “Calm the fuck down and take a break.”

For summer solstice, the Universe asked that I simply go outside and feel the sun’s rays on skin (sup, Aten) — and also remind people that it was, indeed, the summer solstice and they should do the same.

For the new moons and full moons and all of the phases of the moon, I’ve been asked just to observe, making no offerings but a little bit of time to raise my head.

I’ve been getting messages to go to the beach or to parks and just be.

Multiple coworkers started to tell me to be more selfish in how I live my life. To unapologetically take time for myself. Buy stuff for myself. Meditate for myself. Go back and do the things that made child-me happy, but that I’ve stopped doing because adult-me thinks nobody got time for that.

And so I have been doing those things and taking more time to focus on my non-spiritual part of life.

And it’s helped. I am slowly, slowly recharging my batteries, and being open to whether I should continue recharging or change focus.

But for now, I’m taking the Universe’s advice. I’m calming the fuck down and taking a break for me.

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