Solar Eclipse and Offerings to the Aten

A few weeks ago, on Monday, August 21, 2017, you may have heard that the continental United States was in the path of a total solar eclipse for the first time in nearly 90 years. People of all kinds traveled to find just the right place to take in the experience. I was no different, except that in Hawaii, we would be seeing a partial eclipse instead.

Aten in Hieroglyphics per WikipediaTwo weeks in advance of the event, I started to receive messages, by way of cloud shapes, about Nefertiti. A quick Google search led me to the Aten, the sun disc, the being that some believed transcended God-hood. I knew that anything I did to witness the eclipse would have to be in the Aten’s honor.

In all honesty, I wasn’t really sure what I would be doing to witness the eclipse. In Hawaii, the partial eclipse would be at 6:25 am — during sunrise — and I don’t live in a place where I can see the sun come up over the horizon. I would have to drive to the other side of Oahu and possibly hike somewhere in the darkness to get to a place where I could properly watch the sun rise. In addition, eclipse glasses were sold out here, there, and everywhere! I didn’t want to damage my eyes…

The universe, of course, wouldn’t let this amazing event pass with me lying down.

The weekend leading up to the eclipse, I attended a crystal open house in my neighborhood — along with Lahi and Lyndsey — and I knew that some of the crystals I was acquiring would play a part in any ceremony I did.

I was still hesitant about going anywhere for the eclipse, but Lyndsey was insistent that I needed to be in a place where I could see the eclipse and inevitably, I decided (the night before) not only that I didn’t need eclipse glasses to see the eclipse — I mean, how would this be any different than how I watch the sun set? — but that we would leave our respective homes at 4:30 am to drive to the other side of the island to hike up onto a cliff that overlooks the ocean.

2017 Black Moonstone Orb
Black Moonstone Orb

The universe had me go to work to prepare for the event before going to sleep. Yes, I had to pack a flashlight and water for the hike, but I also had to cleanse the crystals that would be coming with me, including a large black moonstone orb and a piece of raw lapis lazuli that I had just gotten at the crystal open house. Moreover, I had to research what specifically the Aten needed me to do as an offering.

A few hours later, when I woke up to get ready, the universe had me dress in black — very specifically insisting that I wear black harem pants, silver shoes, a black top and a special sun pendant that I’d forgotten I’d owned and haven’t worn in 15+ years. I then collected the crystals that would be coming with — harvesting the moonstone water to take with me for the ceremony. As I lifted the moonstone from the water, I noticed something both powerful and peculiar. In the reflection of the stone, I could see my own head perfectly aligned with the kitchen light behind me. I was the eclipse. And that eclipse also created an eye within the moonstone — he was awake and ready to begin bonding with me. (In all honesty, I later tried to realign my head with the light to try and take a picture of me-as-the-eclipse for this blog and for the life of me, couldn’t get it to align. I guess it was a one-time message.)

2017 Our Altar for the Solar Eclipse at Makapuu
Our altar, a rocky outcropping overlooking the ocean at Makapuʻu.

I anointed myself with the moonstone water, from my head to my toes, drawing ankhs on every chakra. Telling myself that I am both a Priestess and a Goddess. Preparing my temple for worship and preparing myself to make an offering for the Aten. And then I left for the hike.

Lyndsey and I hiked up toward Makapuʻu Light House — a relatively easy hike that would afford us beautiful views of the sunrise and, we hoped, the eclipse. Rather than hiking all the way up, I was drawn to a rocky outcropping, about three-fourths of the way up, where we could be mostly alone. We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to see the eclipse beyond the clouds, but as I’ve come to learn, the deities will clear any clouds out of the way when they are ready to receive your offering.

A long story short, the offering involved:

  • A failed attempt at lighting incense — but only failed insofar as that the incense lit just enough for there to be some fragrance, but not enough to continue to burn because why would you need a lighter to light the incense when you have the Aten to do so?
  • Using the raw lapis lazuli to draw an ankh – the Aten’s name – and another ankh into the air to address the Aten.
  • A recitation of the Short Hymn to the Aten. I’ll include this at the bottom of this post since it’s very difficult to find the script readily available.
  • Eggs and bananas, which Lyndsey had brought.
  • Moonstone water.
  • The black moonstone orb.
  • And us, bearing witness to the beautiful partial eclipse.
2017 The Aten Setting the Incense Alight During the Solar Eclipse
The Aten setting the incense alight during the Solar Eclipse

In my heart, I was called to also ask for something: guidance to help me Become.

After sharing in a meal of eggs and bananas with the Aten — always eggs first, apparently — our work was done and we decided to finish the hike to the lookout point that overlooks the lighthouse.

As we hiked upward, I suddenly became aware of a woman in white flowing robes, hiking down. I stopped her, offering her some incense, and we exchanged hugs and blessings and names. And as she happily walked away with the incense, Lyndsey — who she had called my “heart sister” — asked me who she was. And I said, “I don’t know, but I think she’s my balance today — the white witch on the mountain.”

2017 Partial Solar Eclipse from Makapuu
Partial Solar Eclipse over the ocean at Makapuʻu.

We finished the hike up and back down with no more ceremony. And as I drove to work, my body abuzz with energy, a rainbow appeared — both blessing and confirming the work we’d done. I knew that the day was not yet done, though, as it was also not only the new moon but also the black moon and I had new black moonstone orb who was calling for some loving. But that’s a different part of the story.

For those of you who took the time to witness or make offerings to the solar eclipse, I’d love to know your stories of the experience. Please comment and share!




Now, as promised, the Short Hymn to the Aten, as copied from this book, Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume II: The New Kingdom by Miriam Lichtheim. As an aside, you’ll notice that the hymn references the Aten’s August son. I know that this doesn’t literally mean the month of August, but rather, a majestic son. But I still took pleasure knowing that I was making this offering in the month of August.

Splendid you rise, O living Aten, eternal lord!
You are radiant, beauteous, mighty,
Your love is great, immense.
Your rays light up all faces,
Your bright hue gives life to hearts,
When you fill the Two Lands with your love.
August God who fashioned himself,
Who made every land, created what is in it,
All people, herds, and flocks,
All trees that grow from the soil;
They live when you dawn for them,
You are mother and father of all that you made.

When you dawn their eyes observe you,
As your rays light the whole earth;
Every heart acclaims your sight,
When you are risen as their lord.
When you set in sky’s western lightland,
They lie down as if to die,
Their heads covered, their noses stopped,
Until you dawn in sky’s eastern lightland.
Their arms adore your ka,
As you nourish the hearts by your beauty;
One lives when you cast your rays,
Every land is in festivity.

Singers, musicians, shout with joy,
In the court of the benben-shrine,
And in all temples in Akhet-Aten,
The place of truth in which you rejoice.
Foods are offered in their midst,
Your holy son performs your praises,
O Aten living in his risings,
And all your creatures leap before you.
Your August son exults in joy,
O Aten living daily content in the sky,
Your offspring, your August son, Sole one of Re;
The Son of Re does not cease to extol his beauty,
Neferkheprure, Sole-one-of Re.

I am your son who serves you, who exalts your name,
Your power, your strength, are firm in my heart;
You are the living Aten whose image endures,
You have made the far sky to shine in it,
To observe all that you made.
You are One yet a million lives are in you,
To make them live (you give) the breath of life to their noses;
By the sight of your rays all flowers exists,
What lives and sprouts from the soil grows when you shine.
Drinking deep of your sight all flocks frisk,
The birds in the nest fly up in joy;
Their folded wings unfold in praise
Of the living Aten, their maker.

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