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As I try and figure my shit out, I look for labels and existing literature that helps me explain my experiences.

Part of my label searching is to learn what gifts I have. And part of gift-label searching goes back to my trying to find a type of kinship among others who are walking this type of path.

Clairaudience is definitely one of those gifts. It means, more or less, that I receive messages by “hearing” them, either in my head or actually in my ears, but where others cannot hear it. Here’s what the Psychic Library says about it.

I am including this little blurb in my journal since I think it’s important for everyone, myself included, to understand how I receive messages. You may have figured this out already, since I’ve been writing about “heard in my head” type of messages — but for clarity’s sake — clairaudience. At this time in my life, it’s probably my most used and most developed gift.

Originally written on June 15, 2017.

Note to Self

As I write this, I remind both myself and anyone who reads this that this journal isn’t a way for me to take the “minutes” of my spiritual steps and missteps. Not every occurrence will be included here and not everything will be in chronological order, since the timing of one part of a story may be a long while before the next part. If I wrote about every moment, I couldn’t do anything else with my life but write and experience.

It could be that the universe would prefer that be the case, but at this time, I want to continue having a “normal” life. It’s part of that control thing and has to do with ego, for sure. I told myself I would go to college, make money, be successful and all that and the thought of walking away from what I have now is too much for me to be able to consider. Perhaps we’ll see that change as I become more comfortable and more knowledgeable and more… just more. And also (I’m being told in my head to include this line): and also more trusting that the universe will provide for its… warriors, soldiers, priestesses, shamans, messengers, teachers, etc. I put etc. because, really, there’s a list of roles running through my head that seems endless. I guess if you’re trying to change something as huge as the fate of the world, you need a lot of people working toward that common goal.

Again going back to the “I’m not alone” thing, I am certainly not alone in working toward that common goal. I am one of so many. And thank you to the divine for recruiting so many to do this work. The question: who else has the same tasks as I do? I so would love to connect with them. The reassurance and affirmation that I am doing the right thing would be so much appreciated.

Originally written on June 13, 2017