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  1. the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

Some of us call it coincidence. Some of call it signs or deja vu. But all of us have experienced some type of synchronicity.

I think that for many of us traveling a spiritual path where we seek any type of guidance from something outside of our selves such as a Spirit Team or the Universe, it is synchronicity that tells us if we are on the right path or in which direction we should be heading.

Sometimes, the relation between the events are subtle and sometimes they damn near slap you across the face so that you have no doubts about what the message is supposed to be. And yet, even when the relationship between events is obvious and despite knowing why there is a synchronicity at all, it is human nature (okay, maybe just MY nature) to doubt. To be oblivious. To question if that’s really what this is all supposed to mean.

And so, I wanted to share my most recent bit of synchronicity.

As you all know, I have been learning about Mansa Devi (Manasa Devi). Because I am an aspect of her — and not in the sense of, “oh, we have lots in common.” More like, “oh, because I am a type of reincarnation of her.”

I am still learning to accept this new truth, so the Universe decided to send some synchronicities my way to help reinforce the message.

2017 Shivam Moonstone Earrings BoxJust a few days ago, Sunday, December 3, I was wandering around T.J. Maxx, questing for Xmas gifts and suddenly knew to stop, turn left, and look down at the pile of jewelry on clearance. Now, mind you, I’d already looked there a few minutes earlier as I made my way around the jewelry counter and hadn’t seen anything that caught my fancy. Anyway, I’d come full circle and now, sitting at the top of the pile was a box of sterling silver earrings from India.

The box said the brand was Shivam.

And they were moonstone and it was a full moon that night.

Anyway, I knew I was meant to buy the earrings. As I tried to understand the reason, I figured it was just because of my relationship with Siva (you can read about my first encounter with him here and my newfound relationship with him in this post). And hey, bonus full moon + moonstone!

2017 Shivam Moonstone EarringsMaybe daddy dearest wanted me to have a gift from him (and it seemed obvious that it was from him because of the brand name) or he wanted me to benefit from all that rainbow moonstone has to offer.

Also, I giggled at the slyness that Siva had me circumambulate him (by walking around the jewelry counter) before calling out to me to find the gift.

So that night, I randomly came across a site dedicated to Mansa Devi that I had never seen before: ManasaDevi.net. The site was created by someone who clearly loves her and wants to share all they can about the deity.

Manasa Devi from ManasaDevi.net
Manasa Devi. Image Source: ManasaDevi.net

And as I scrolled through the website, I came across this picture of Manasa Devi. Imagine my surprise to see that the earrings I had just purchased were of the same design as those worn by Manasa Devi in the image. As if to say, “you were meant to have these earrings because they were already yours in your past life.”

Synchronicity number one. Actually, is this number sychronicity number three? Since Siva might be synch #1 (I see what you did there, Siva!), moonstone + moon might be synch #2. Okay, okay, so this is synch #3.

And my last synchronicity? The very last definition listed on this Dictionary page on the Manasa website.

Moncha – snake; scholars believe that the word Manasa is derived from this Dravidian word.

For those of you who don’t know, my real name is Monchalee. A rare name even in Thailand, the country of the name’s origin. A name my mother semi-created, with the hope that I would have a “woman’s heart.” (Take from that whatever meaning you want.) A name that with other intonations could mean “blessing water” and “lotus pond.” A name that apparently shares its roots with my roots as the goddess of Naga. And back ’round again, if Moncha is the root of the name Manasa.

Fucking synchronicity. If that wasn’t delivering a message to me loud and clear… well…

I’m sure many of you have experienced similar instances of synchronicity along your spiritual paths. I would love to hear about your experiences. I’m sure that there are quite the doozies out there.


2017 Screenshot of Dictionary Page from ManasaDevi.net
Screenshot from the Dictionary page of ManasaDevi.net.