The Climb

I find that when you go back to look at or listen to a reading after some time has passed, like when you go back to reread a book or rewatch a movie, you find new nuances and meanings and hidden gems and Easter eggs that you missed on the first time ’round. A few days before the end of 2017, I revisited a one-card tarot reading that Leah did for me on All Hallows’ Eve.

It sparked a conversation with Lyndsey about how differently we walk our paths. Some people throw themselves in with blind zeal. Some people, like me, trudge along. Moving ever forward, slowly, steadily, sluggily (yes, I made up this word).  And it reminded me of a song that I used to put on repeat in my youth: No Doubt’s The Climb from their Tragic Kingdom album. The feeling of that song is how I often find myself moving along my spiritual path.

And even though you can feel the struggle, the lyrics are so, so important. Especially these:

Although the many failed
I must now prevail with no question
Have no time to stop
Onward to the top of the mountain
And I, I can’t turn back now
It’s so very high but I can’t turn back now
If I keep it up, I’m gonna make it
I’m so very close can’t you see

How do you walk your spiritual path? Or just… your life? Do you throw yourself head first into things? Do you take a more cautious route? Is there a song that perfectly captures your experience? I would love to know. Please share in the comments, or contact me via this nifty form to share privately.

Leah’s All Hallows’ Eve Reading 

2017 Temperance Tarot  Card
Tarot Card pulled by Leah for my All Hallows’ Reading

Here’s that reading that Leah did for me that inspired this post.

Your card is Temperance. Do you have the Gnostic Tarot handbook (if not, let me know!)? Cuz that’s the Temperance we are talking about here. It goes way beyond balance and moderation. This is a card of deep commitment to a spiritual path, so much so that you willingly walk through the fires of transformation to die and be reborn. Over and over. In the same lifetime. But you do this without blind zeal/throwing yourself into the flames. It’s a steady, calm, intentional walk. It consumes you but it is not consuming. Am I making sense?

Your path is unfolding. YOU are unfolding. Be less concerned with how and more focused on staying aligned and open, here and now. You are guided *every* step of the way. You don’t need to strategize or figure anything out, just be and listen and move when you know it is needed. If it’s not clear where to move, don’t. You will be moved if needed. You will always be in the perfect place for you, as long as you are open, aligned, and allowing.

Love love love love love. You are. Loved loved loved loved loved. You are. Fierce and courageous and tender and true. Just keep doing you.

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